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Great Service

With a combined 60 years of real estate experience in California - All Property Management and Sales creates its value by acquiring, developing, and managing both commercial and residential real estate while providing excellent customer service to both owners and tenants.

Setting the standard in leading professional property management in the Kern County area, we customize plans for multiple industries. Including but not limited to: Commercial, Residential, Vacation, Short Term, and Corporate Real Estate.

All Property Management and Sales reigns superior in communication, care, integrity, and compassion providing a quality of service that will exceed ALL expectations.

From Buying to Selling and from Owning to Renting. ALL Property Management and Sales will take the stress out of the process and treat your home like our home. Call us today and let us handle your real estate needs from start to finish.

Let’s Work Together

5500 Ming Ave Ste 364,

Bakersfield, CA 93309

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