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Renters Insurance Notice


To our valued tenants

California landlords may require tenants to obtain and maintain renters insurance while under the terms of the lease. To protect yourself from such losses, you have agreed to maintain the renter's insurance policy. We ask that you provide our office with an updated certificate or declaration page showing your insurance company, with your current address and policy coverage dates with the office address and ALL Property Management & Sales Inc. listed as additional insured. All adult tenants living on the property must be named on the policy or have their own policy.

Provide a copy of your policy declarations page that meets the requirements listed above.

All Property and Management and Sales MUST be listed as additional insured.

If you're looking for new coverage, consider any of the following: (Of course, there are always other great options).

You can purchase renters insurance through.

  • Jason Wallo – Insurance broker (will search for the best rates) 310-701-9774.  Jason is in the Bakersfield area.

  • The company you have your car insurance for could do renters insurance.

  • GEICO offers preferential group rates for Research Properties. GEICO has a web-friendly app on or you can dial 1-800-841-2964 to  speak to a representative.

  • Search for CA renters insurance online.

We ask that you provide a copy of your tenant's insurance statement page or certificate of insurance to the rental office no later than 30 days. Failure to provide the information is a violation of your contract and may result in eviction and/or any additional penalties.

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