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Tenant Handbook

Renter's Guide


Manager and Tenant Responsibilities:

The manager will provide a home that is clean, sanitary, in good cosmetic shape, and in good working order. The manager will continue to keep the home in good working order and abide by the terms in the lease throughout the length of your tenancy.

The tenant is responsible for keeping the home in good condition by practicing good housekeeping habits, including to prevent leaks mold growth, rodents, and pests, treating the property with care to avoid preventable damage or maintenance needs, reporting maintenance issues in a timely manner, paying rent when it is due, and abiding by the terms of the lease throughout the length of your tenancy.


Please contact us promptly with any maintenance requests by following the maintenance request link at the top of this page and submitting a completed form. Your home has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any maintenance issues prior to your taking occupancy. It is your responsibility to report maintenance issues.


Here are items we want to know about immediately:

  1. Mold (within 48 hours)

  2. Drippy faucets, drippy pipes, or “running” toilets (within 48 hours)

  3. Moisture where there should be none (roof, under the sink, etc.)


Your Repair Responsibility:

  • Preventing mold: Mold will grow if given the opportunity. Keep your home clean and dry, with adequate ventilation and air movement. This means making sure all rooms receive heat and airflow on a consistent basis. Immediately clean up any sign of mold or mildew growth to prevent damage to the building. This includes behind furniture, in windows, in corners or walls, etc.

  • (Some) Leaks: You are responsible for leaks caused by misuse or neglect (such as knocking drain lines loose). Report all leaks immediately, as they can become a very big problem quickly.

  • Faucets/knobs: Faucets and knobs can break easily if not handled properly.

  • Broken windows, blinds, doors, glass, locks, or any other damage caused directly/indirectly by you or your guests.

  • Light bulbs: These are your responsibility to replace.

  • Batteries: It is your responsibility to keep your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in working order by replacing the batteries on a regular schedule.

  • Clogged toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and other drains.

Emergency Maintenance:

An emergency maintenance problem is something that if not taken care of IMMEDIATELY will cause significant damage. Emergencies usually involve water or fire. If it involves fire, call 911. For other emergencies that do not involve local emergency services, contact us at our 24 hour line: 

Paying Rent:

Rent is due by the first day of every month and will be considered late if received after the fifth day of the month. Rent will be accepted in the form of a cashier’s check, or money order or EFT. The rent check can be mailed, dropped off at the Property Manager’s office, or sent electronically via the Resident’s bank. Checks must be made out and mailed or delivered to the following name and address: ALL Property Management and Sales,  5500 Ming Ave #364, Bakersfield Ca 93309. If rent is not paid by the end of the 5th day of the month, a 10% late rent fee will be billed to you.


Your rental agreement and the rules and regulations within it outline our policies in detail. Please be sure to become familiar with them. Below are the policies we would especially like you to remember.

Notice to Vacate:

When you decide to move, remember to first review the terms in your rental agreement. You must provide at least 30 days written notice to the manager before the end of your rental agreement. If rental agreement is on month-to month terms you must provide at least 30 days written notice before you intend to move out.


Occupancy is limited to those listed on the Rental Agreement. Any additional person(s) staying in the home for a period of more than 10 days must complete an application and be approved for tenancy.  Unapproved occupants staying in the home for more than 10 days could result in termination of tenancy for all occupants. For emergency purposes, please inform the Manager of the name and license plate number of any person staying in the home for any amount of time.


Residents shall respect their neighbor’s rights to peace and quiet and shall keep all noise to a minimum. Residents shall use the premises in a way as to not disturb neighbors, including playing music or television loudly, yelling, honking, revving engines, or in other ways being disruptive. Quite times are from 10pm to 7am. Any noise complaint received will result in a written warning.


Smoking any substance in the home or within 20 feet of the building is prohibited.  Resident will be held liable for any smoke-related damage, including odor or stains in the walls, ceilings, carpets, flooring, and other damage caused by smoking.  Residents are responsible and liable for the actions of their guests and visitors.


Decks, balconies, patios and yards must remain clear of debris, garbage, laundry, and indoor furniture. Decks, balconies, and patios may not be used as storage. No trampolines, bounce houses, pools, hot tubs, sandboxes, etc. are allowed on decks, patios. Items could be permitted in yards with prior written permission . Barbecues, lawn furniture, and plants are acceptable items allowed on open decks, balconies, patios and yards.


Security is very important to all residents.

  1. Should anything suspicious occur, report it immediately to the police and Management.

  2. Use all locks on doors and windows.

  3. Make sure all secured entrances are locked after use. Do not share keys, access cards, or access codes to secured entrances.

  4. Do not make copies of any keys.

  5. If Manager has issued Resident an access device/code as listed above, and Resident loses, has stolen or shares access device/code, Manager may recover the costs from Resident to re-key and/or re-code the locks.

Lockout/Lost Key: 

Lockout service may be requested for a fee, per incidence. Residents shall not change or add to the locks of the rental at any time.  Lock changes shall be conducted only by the Manager. New locks may be requested for a fee.

Commercial Activities:

No part of the unit will be used for commercial activities of any kind that includes visits by customers or clients or storing inventory or supplies. Computer based and similar home businesses are allowed to the extent permitted by law.


Residents shall keep the premises clean, sanitary, and neat by performing routine housekeeping at regular intervals, including keeping clutter to a minimum, disposing of trash and garbage in a proper manner, sweeping, vacuuming and wiping down all surfaces. Resident may not make any permanent changes to the dwelling (including painting and affixing TV screens to walls) without written permission from the Manager. Resident is responsible for keeping light bulbs and detectors in working order for the duration of tenancy.


Vehicles shall only be parked in designated parking spaces. Vehicles must be operational and have up to date registration and tags.

Trash/Garbage Receptacles:   

All trash and garbage shall be placed in the proper receptacles. No furniture is to be placed or disposed of in or near the receptacles. The cost of disposal of such large items could be charged to the tenant. Recycling bins are for the proper disposal of recyclable trash only. Residents shall adhere to their city’s pick-up schedule.


Cooking shall only be conducted in the kitchen.  A barbeque outside is permitted in open area.  Resident shall never pour cooking grease or other damaging/obstructing objects down toilets, sinks or drains.

Modifications to Property:

  1. Modifications to the interior of the unit such as installing TV screens on walls or mounting window shades are prohibited without Management’s prior written approval.

  2. No resident shall cause or permit anything, including but not limited to, signs, awnings, canopies, shutters radio or television antennas, wires or cables, satellite dishes or air conditioners, to be displayed, installed or affixed to the unit unless allowed by law or written approval is granted by Management. Manager may remove any such items which are installed on the exterior of a unit without Resident consent and Resident will pay all costs involved.

  3. Unless Management has given prior written permission, only picture hooks or nails less than 1 inch long are to be used for hanging items on the walls. Adhesive materials are not allowed.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors:

  1. Smoke alarms/detectors

    • It shall be the responsibility of the Resident to perform such tests on the smoke alarms or smoke detectors (located in a part of the dwelling unit that the Resident is entitled to occupy to the exclusion of others) as are recommended by the manufacturer’s instructions and immediately notify, in writing, the authorized agent of any deficiencies. Testing intervals shall not exceed six months. It shall also be the responsibility of the Resident during the tenancy to replace any dead batteries, as needed.

    • A Resident must test, at least once every six months, and replace batteries as needed in any smoke alarm and notify the Manager in writing of any operating deficiencies. (ORS 479.275)

    • A Resident may not remove or tamper with a smoke alarm. Tampering includes removal of working batteries. (ORS 479.300)

  2. Carbon monoxide alarm

    • A Resident must test, at least once every six months, and replace batteries as needed in any CO alarm provided by the Manager and must notify the Manager in writing of any operating deficiencies. (OAR 837-047-0160)

    • A Resident may not remove or tamper with a CO alarm. Tampering includes the removal of working batteries. (OAR 837-047-0170)

Vandalism/Illegal Activities:

Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated. Any Resident or guest who vandalizes the rental or grounds in any way is liable for criminal prosecution. Resident is liable for all expenses associated with returning the premises to their proper condition. Illegal activity of any sort will not be tolerated. All illegal activities will be reported to the proper authorities and will result in immediate eviction.


Resident shall not be permitted on the roof of the property at any time.

Window Screens:

The Manager is not obligated to provide screens for windows or doors.  Screens can be provided at Resident’s expense.


Carpets must be professionally cleaned.  The Manager will arrange for carpets to be professionally cleaned after Resident vacates at Resident’s expense. If Resident would like carpets cleaned during tenancy, they may contact the Manager for possible discount


Routine inspections of the premises will be conducted with proper notice.

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